We are an innovative content marketing agency designed for today. We work with our clients to drive their business goals through top quality written content. We have built a global network of superstar writers – we call them our ghosts – who are experts in their field.

Most are former journalists, which means they understand how to produce clear, concise copy that engages, educates and entertains. Copy that has the power to build authentic relationships with your target market, fostering incredible loyalty to, and affinity with, your business or brand.


We create smart content strategies that tap into the psyche of your target audience. The content we produce opens a natural line of conversation with consumers/customers, delivering genuine value while at the same time positioning you as an authority and expert in your industry or sector.

By doing this, you are able to build true and honest relationships with your target audience, attracting new potential customers while also retaining those already engaged with your brand, products and services. This not only drives awareness among consumers, but also search engines.


• Blogs

• Social media posts

• Thought leaderships

• Press releases

• Q&As

• White papers

• Link building

• Website copy


Planning and research are key to the success of any content marketing strategy. It is about knowing your target audience, the key information they are seeking, and how they like to receive it. Once armed with this knowledge, it is vital to set out a clear plan of action for content creation and distribution.


• Content audit

• Content strategy

• Content creation

• Content distribution


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Need a little help with your content marketing strategy? Wish you could write like our ghosts?

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Whether you need help putting together a winning content plan, mastering the art of the press release, or penning the next viral blog, we’ve got you covered.

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We are looking for talented wordsmiths to add to our global network of writers and creatives. Our clients operate across a vast array of industries and markets, from online gambling to insurance via finance, blockchain, technology, wine, leisure and tourism.

Our ghosts come from different backgrounds and have different levels of experience, but they all share one common attribute. The ability to produce mind-blowing copy that is well researched, engaging, entertaining and, most importantly, exceeds the expectations of our clients.

If you’d like to find out more about life as one of our ghosts, drop us a line: callingallghosts@ghostfoundry.com