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Content may be king for online gambling marketers, but only if the right people create it.

Content marketing should be front of mind for operators, suppliers and affiliates. The gambling industry is coming under increasing pressure from regulators, governments and even consumers over a raft of issues from responsible gambling to games that risk appealing to children. More significantly for marketers, the spotlight is also being shined on the methods used to promote and sell gambling products to players.

The Advertising Standards Authority, for example, is set to publish guidance on how betting brands use affiliate marketing and promotions to target consumers. This forms part of wider UK government intervention aimed at significantly improving responsible gambling measures and player protections, and to ensure children and those at risk of problem play are not targeted with adverts for gambling products and promotions.

While these measures are undoubtedly good for the perception of the wider gambling industry, they are causing headaches for marketers who must find new ways of tapping into the psyche of their target audience. This task is made all the more difficult given the savviness of the general public when it comes to advertising; they are now acutely aware of the techniques and tricks deployed by marketers trying to catch their attention.

Power with the player

Indeed, it could be argued the power is now very much with the player. Not only do they have choice when it comes to the gambling properties and sites they frequent, but they can also see marketing collateral for what it is and choose whether to engage with it or not. This is where content marketing comes in; it allows operators, suppliers and affiliates to build genuine relationships with their target audience but without having to opt for the hard sell.

In its basic form, content marketing provides consumers with something of value, but without expecting anything in return. It opens a line of communication and keeps customers engaged via high-value content that entertains and educates. This, in turn, builds incredible brand affinity and player loyalty, and all without having to aggressively target them with promotions and bonuses and through black hat practices that risk ruffling the feathers of governments and regulators.

Some have already embraced content marketing, and are reaping the rewards. 888casino, for example, has built a comprehensive blog packed full of information for players. From game guides to blackjack strategy, via a smart card-counting tool, the blog provides a wealth of information without directly trying to push players to open an account. They are likely to do just that, however, thanks to the content 888casino allows them to access free of charge and without expectation of anything in return.

Trust the experts

Of course, content marketing is not as simple as creating a blog and uploading a few articles per day. The content itself must be unique, authentic, and of high value. To produce such content, it is vital to work with trained writers who are also industry experts. Here at ghostfoundry, we believe this really is key to the success of any content marketing strategy, which is why we have built a global network of writers – many former journalists – who are experts in gaming and gambling.

This means the content we produce for our clients is of the highest possible standard, and delivers the authenticity and value readers have come to expect. So, content may indeed be king for online gambling marketers looking to engage consumers in what is becoming an increasingly competitive and challenging arena, but only if the right people create it.

This article first appeared in Casino International.

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