What we do


The cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. Blogs come in all shapes and sizes, from guides to reviews via news and analysis. Their purpose is to provide authentic, genuine, high-value information to your target market, positioning you as an authority. Our ghosts have mastered the dark art of blogging, and know exactly what it takes to engage consumers.

What we do


As an exciting, forward-thinking business you constantly have something new to share with the world. The launch of an innovative product, cutting the ribbon on your upgraded office, a superstar employee joining the team; these are all things B2B and B2C media outlets want to hear about. A carefully crafted press release allows you to share your news with all the right people.


Nobody knows your business sector better than you. Publications are always looking for comment from industry insiders discussing trends, challenges and opportunities. Our ghosts work with you to put your thoughts on to paper. They do this in a way that strengthens your market-leading position, presenting you as the expert in your industry.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn; social media platforms are powerful tools to effectively deliver content to your target market. But understanding the subtle nuances of each, and the different approach required to ensure maximum engagement with your content, is no mean feat. Our social media gurus ensure your voice is heard above the chatter.


Knowledge is for sharing, and a great way of doing this is through interviews. Our ghosts have the skills required to turn your expertise into engaging responses to questions put to you by editors, or generated internally for a blog post. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it, and our writers know exactly what to do to ensure your responses strike a chord with your target market.


We call these the “show stoppers”. White papers are large, detailed reports into a particular topic that position you as the absolute authority in your field. They contain in-depth research, unique data and expert analysis, providing huge value and insight to your target market. They tackle key topics, and can be distributed via blogs, social media, press release wires, newsletters, etc.

What we do


Content marketing is about driving consumers to your website, engaging them with valuable content, and then converting them into paying customers. But if the website they land on lacks the same gold-star content as your marketing collateral, they will likely go elsewhere. Our ghosts craft sleek and stylish website copy that helps your customers make that final decision to buy with you.

What we do


Content marketing is, first and foremost, about building genuine relationships with consumers. But it can also help increase your ranking on search engines. With so much authentic content at your disposal, it is possible to share certain blog posts and articles with other publications, in return for a link back to your site. These backlinks are a key part of Google’s ranking criteria.

Our unique link building model means you only pay for links obtained, and based on the domain authority (DA) score of the website. The higher the DA of the site linking back to you, the more valuable the link is to your ranking. Most agencies charge a day rate for link building, with no guarantee of the number of links secured, or what value they provide. With our model, you pay for what you get.

To learn more about link building, and the model we have developed, read our blog post here